Many women understand that their beauty depends on chic and well-groomed hair. Every day we put our curls in order, combing them several times and subjecting to styling. In this regard, the fairer sex should know what comb for what is needed and how to choose the right product for your hair type.

The fashion for hairbrushes is changeable

The first combs were made by ancient people from animal bones and wood. They were quite primitive and simple. But in the days of Ancient Greece and Egypt, scallops began to look like a real work of art. They illustrated the fighting of warriors, demonstrated scenes of everyday life of people, talked about the culture of a particular region.

There are many options for combing, which are usually classified according to the materials of production and purpose. Of course, without certain knowledge about the choice of a comb, you can buy a piece of toilet for a lot of money, which will only spoil and tear your hair out.

So, the main types of combs:

  • comb (has large teeth, which are distant from each other) - such a comb can help in untangling hair, applying masks and conditioners and combing wet curls;

  • comb with small cloves and a thin end - best suited for stacking individual locks;

  • skeletal comb (represents sticking out rods on one side and a smooth surface with holes for air circulation - on the other) - is also used when laying;

  • massage brush - suitable for owners of long hair, because it carefully combes them, in addition, if you regularly massage the crown of your head with such an item, you can significantly increase blood flow and stimulate the growth of hair;

  • a round comb for styling hair or, in other words, brushing (has teeth along the entire cylinder) - it is designed to lift the hair from the roots and curl the ends during styling with a hairdryer.

We select a comb according to our hair type

Depending on the sebaceous secretions of the skin and dry hair, dry type, oily hair and normal are secreted. In addition, the length of your hair affects the choice of hairbrushes.

Our recommendations:

  • for short hair it is best to choose a skeletal comb, the rounded ends of which do not damage the scalp, comb the hair well;

  • if you purchase an additional brush for styling with a hairdryer, best hot air brush with thermal protection or ceramic coating will be the best option. This comb option will allow you to form a hairstyle as comfortably as possible and protect your curls from drying out;

  • for oily hair, it is best to choose a brush with natural hair. Although such brushes and badly untangle the hair, but comb the fat from the roots, distributing it evenly along the entire length, which gives the curls uniformity and shine;

  • we recommend using silicone or wooden comb to owners of long curls. It perfectly untangles hair without damaging its structure. But we do not recommend combing wet hair with a comb made of wood, since the tool will quickly swell and become unusable;

  • for curly hair, a comb with long set teeth - just right, it carefully untangles the curls without damaging their structure;

  • The massage brush should be used for thin and long hair or for the owner of sensitive scalp.